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  • Why Should I Have My Trash Bins Cleaned?
    Dirty garbage cans release an unpleasant odor and can become an attractant for insects and rodents. Do you enjoy the hassle of cleaning your own trash can? We didn’t think so! Cleaning your can regularly will help reduce the risks associated with all of these health concerns. Burbank Eco Wash can take the burden off your hands with our fast, eco-friendly service! Let us handle the dirty work for you. Our process takes care of 99% of the germs and 100% of the hassle for you!
  • How Often Should My Bins Be Sanitized?
    For the most effective results, we strongly recommend sanitizing your bins on a regular basis, either monthly or quarterly. We do our best to clean your bins one time but it may take a few cleanings to effectively remove grime, build-up and other substances.
  • How Much Does This Service Cost?
    We offer one-time cleanings, as well as bi-monthly and monthly cleaning plans and service costs, which vary with frequency and the number of trash cans. Please visit our pricing page for more details.
  • When I Sign Up, When Will You Clean My Trash Bins?
    You will receive a welcome email within 24 hours of signing up notifying you of your start date and other details. For your convenience, we do provide a courtesy email reminder the day before your service and a text message the morning of service so you can plan accordingly.
  • What Happens If I Move Out Of The Service Area?
    If you relocate to a neighborhood that is not in our service area, contact us and we will stop your service and recurring payments.
  • Where Do You Do The Cleaning?
    All our cleanings are done right at the curb of our customer’s home. So just haul the bins down to the curb and we handle the rest and leave them right where we found them, sanitized, deodorized & smelling great!

Learn more about how professional trash bin cleaning works.

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